We had an incredible Sunday night at Daniel Taylor Photography, watching Octavia Spencer win the Oscar for best supporting access and our groom, Rob McDaniel of SpringHouse, win with Chris Hastings on Iron Chef–the first Alabama team in the show’s history.

      This morning we got our own little piece of news that one of our photos, of a gorgeous wedding cake with ivy leaves made of frosting on it, had been chosen and the Brides.com cake of day!


      Wedding cake with green ivy leaves

      Dreamcakes Bakery wedding cake green ivy leaves


      Our dear, dear friends at Dreamcakes Bakery in Homewood were behind that gorgeous creation and it was at a Sonnet House wedding where we’d tagged along to photograph for Dreamcakes. This was a couple of years ago, right as I left the newspaper and took over the wedding photography business full time, and Sonnet House would quickly become one of our favorite wedding venues in Birmingham.

      So honored to be featured on Brides.com, which is such a great resource for brides and the rest of us who love weddings! Thanks, Heather Lee and Brides.com!!